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Product Description


Cocoon The Complete High Chair is the perfect solution to provide the best dining experience at every mealtime. The beautifully designed high chair offers the most comfortable seat for your baby, and comes equipped with many convenient features including 3 recline modes, adjustable height, removable tray, and easy-to-clean seat and backrest.

The 3 recline modes of Cocoon The Complete High Chair allow you to use it as a safe cocoon for your infant, providing maximum protection during mealtime. As your child grows, you can adjust to more upright positions to suit their needs. The seat and backrest are made of easy-to-clean materials, ensuring easy maintenance and hygiene.

The adjustable height feature of Cocoon The Complete High Chair allows you to use it on different table heights, making it a very convenient feature. The removable tray design allows for easy cleaning without having to move the entire high chair to the sink or cleaning area. Additionally, the high chair comes with a removable safety harness to ensure your baby’s safety.

The stylish design of Cocoon The Complete High Chair blends perfectly with your home decor. You can choose from different colors to match your family’s style.

In summary, Cocoon The Complete High Chair is a high-quality, versatile, easy-to-clean, and stylish high chair that is the best choice for your child’s dining and growth needs.


  • Product:
    • L: 32in | 81cm
    • W: 22in | 56cm
    • H: 42in | 107cm
    • Weight: 21.5lbs | 9.75kg
  • Packaging:
    • L: 26.7in | 68cm
    • W: 12.7in | 32.5cm
    • H: 22.6in | 57.5cm
    • Weight: 28lbs | 12.75kg
  • Maximum Weight: 44lbs | 20kg


1*high chair,1*tray,1*cup holder

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