YPLUS Twistable Refillable Non Toxic Kids Silky Gel Crayon set 12 coulours

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When children pursue artistic creativity, YPLUS Refillable Kids Silky Crayon becomes the best choice. This silky crayon features a lipstick-style rotating pen body that makes it more convenient for children to use, and its smooth texture allows children to apply and blend colors more smoothly. In addition, its replaceable pen core design not only allows children to use it more economically but also helps extend the lifespan of the crayon. The clean and easy-to-wash formula makes parents more reassured that the crayon can be easily washed without leaving stains. The scientifically designed pen barrel is easy for small hands to grip, allowing children to better unleash their creativity and imagination, explore colors and shapes, and exercise their hand-eye coordination and painting skills.


  • Packaging box: 215mm x 145mm x 37mm
  • Colors: 12 colors
  • Refills: 12 pieces
  • Crayons: 135mm x 15mm


  • 12 colored crayons
  • 12 Refills

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